The “One-Hour-Trick” against procrastination

When exams or presentations loom on the horizon, one`s home is spotlessly clean: the dishes in the kitchen are neatly stowed away, the tiles in the bathroom shine brightly and not a spot of dust can be found on the bedroom floor; all due to proctastination. All of a sudden everything is more important than getting the work done that really deserves attention. However, most of those who identify with this issue have a guilty concience. Preparation work remains unticked on the to-do list.

When your weaker self has taken over a simple trick can help. Set yourself a short space of time, for example one hour, in which you concentrate on what you really need getting done. Tell yourself: “I am old enough to keep my mind focussed for at least one single hour.” Then you check the time, switch off your mobile and go and get a coffee or anything else that helps you concentrate.

Then you begin with the work that needs to be done. It doesn`t matter, if you go full throttle right away or simply start sorting notes or something else. What is important is that you do something that has to do with the task at hand.

For only one hour! Afterwards you are free to do whatever you want. It is absulutely okay, if you don`t have the feeling of having achieved anything useful after you have finished. The main thing is that you stick to your one-hour time frame.

Try it out! If you like, you can send me your experience with this technique. I will gladly explain why it is so effective.

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