Radiate creativity, competency and self-confidence

To be successful in your everyday life as a student or at work, it is important that you know how to give presentations, negotiate or have the right idea at the right moment. Thus, it is important to acquire and develop these soft skills.

As a speaker and trainer, I offer lectures and seminars to schools, universities, and companies in order to develop interdisciplinary skills in communication, presentation and creativity. I show the participants how to communicate effectively, radiate confidence in presentations, unleash their creativity and develop problem-solving strategies. My seminars include practical exercises, so participants will find it easier to apply what they have learnt in everyday activities.
I develop my seminars either as a presentation or training and tailor them to the individual needs of the participants, be they students, working groups or departments. I conduct my seminars in-house at your institution.

I will gladly answer any questions regarding my services as presenter or trainer. Just give me a phone call, write an email or fill out my contact form.

I look forward to hearing from you!