What is coaching?

If you suffer from exam nerves, you would like to learn more effectively or increase your motivation to learn, coaching can help you.
Coaching is a dialogue with the aim of helping you to fulfill your full potential. The coach helps you to find a solution to a problem yourself. Through working together in this way strategies are developed that can be applied in exams or when learning. You can be sure that your coaching will be tailored to your individual needs and personality.

Coaching is pragmatic and solution-oriented

The main target is to answer the question: “What can I do to pass my exams as well as possible?” Coaching is neither consulting, nor therapy. The future of the individual is the main focus of concern. The aim is to find the technique that the client can apply best and that perfectly fits his or her needs. Coaching is discrete. It neither involves a tiresome search for possible problem causes, nor does it require the application of in-depth psychological methods.

Small change – big effect

If is mostly small changes that enable students to make the most of their talents. As a rule, a coaching program consists of three individual sessions. However, even a single session right before an exam can help significantly.

If you want to know if coaching is suitable for you, or you have questions regarding my coaching services, simply leave me a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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